bay bridge

this one is kind of funny - look out for the transition!!
ugh..it's so blurry. not sure how to fix this


Sonoma Hike

i love making these short videos
with my little zumi camera

it's so much fun adding music too



hey all
if anyone is still out there

i updated my website
the content is pretty much the same
but i changed the main page

i think it looks more like 
a typical art site

let me know what you think
it's hard to know what it looks like
on other monitors


new year

i was forced to start painting
at the begining of this year

jan. 1st to be exact

i was asked to be in a student show
at the berkeley extension building

i worked on the bottom painting in class
but i never finished the painting of
my two other nieces

so i scrambled to finish the top one
i am pretty happy with the results

it definitely makes me want to paint more
but i still have a hard time starting

ps. thanks to harrison who actually visits my blog still
and for letting me know my videos weren't working



this is so much fun
i love this camera

yes, i am the one driving
i was careful


my first film

so they won't let me post this on facebook cause of the music. lame. everyone posts things that aren't theirs. links and stuff. what's the deal?



"It's not a bug in the game's code, it's a bug in your moral code"

I posted this on facebook
but i think it's so funny
that i had to post it here
so i can keep it