starting the art label

i'm trying to establish all of the labels i'll have on this blog
so this is the beginning of the art group
if i have too many labels maybe i'll cut down and try to narrow the focus
but i'm trying to post at least one thing every day

so i'll keep throwing everything up here for now


elise took me flying with her twice now i wasn't as nervous as i thought i'd be although there are times where it is a little scary the whole process, from the little airports to the fueling and pre-flight check, is fascinating


a few of us helped out on dj hero for a little while
it was a challenging project

the t-shirt was a nice reward
i was hoping we'd get one
i don't often like the typical video game t-shirts
except for shaba stuff
but i was really looking forward to this one
thanks Freestyle



i'm also figuring out fonts and colors right now. if something seems hard to read, let me know.


Rock Garden

i went to see district 9 with mirena
at the kabuki sundance theatre last night

and i was walking out of the parking structure
i noticed this fake rock garden

i thought it was pretty cool

i've always like rock gardens
since i took an art history class named

arts of asia: zen

and i never forgot the answer to one of the test questions



Tulum, Mexico
Sept, 2008

this was the beginning of taking pictures with my diana camera
it's a medium format camera which uses 120 film
i love the borders and all the mistakes that happen with the light
each one seems like a little illustration
plus you can hold them in your hand not just view them from your computer

tamsen and i went on a week long bootcamp in tulum last year
we rode bikes to the ruins (see above)
yoga every day
hour long walks every morning
kayaking in the lagoon
snorkeling in the fresh water swimming holes (cenotes)

and we made many friends