"It's not a bug in the game's code, it's a bug in your moral code"

I posted this on facebook
but i think it's so funny
that i had to post it here
so i can keep it



i forgot that i had a plan
to start this blog with more of an art foundation
which would include my work history
i was going to start with my current place of work
so you can see what i do and where i do it

i've been at shaba for almost 4 years
this is the music room in the basement

we have a nice building
and shaba has a unique work environment
sort of the place i imagined i wanted to work
when i didn't know this kind of place existed
or that the job i have now even existed
(actually, i don't think it did exist then)

it has been challenging but
i feel very lucky to be here

i'll post more work photos later



the girlfriend of a co-worker suprised us
with this cake
on the completion of our game
Spiderman Web of Shadows

pretty cool

i kept spiderman
to add to my collection


after work

i found this picture today
i had been practicing taking low light pictures
with no flash
i took this one night after work

i don't know why i stopped working with my bigger camera
it's a lot heavier to carry around than my plastic one

I liked this picture before i remembered i took it
i guess that's about as objective as i can be
with my own work
i actually LIKE some of the stuff i do...
go figure



this is one of the few types of beer i can drink without getting a stomachache it's called trumer

and hey! there is damon, our art producer

i didn't plan that


this is a work in progress... i stopped working on it in may

i have two more two more to do

and i don't know why i haven't started them
or finished this one

i'm hoping by posting this, it will make me want to start

or i'll have to sign up for another class

this is the same boring story, nothing new.....

old pictures

this isn't a picture from my diana camera
it's a poloroid of a car i used to own
the guy who owned it and fixed it up, took it
so i guess i have a new label...
old pictures