new year

i was forced to start painting
at the begining of this year

jan. 1st to be exact

i was asked to be in a student show
at the berkeley extension building

i worked on the bottom painting in class
but i never finished the painting of
my two other nieces

so i scrambled to finish the top one
i am pretty happy with the results

it definitely makes me want to paint more
but i still have a hard time starting

ps. thanks to harrison who actually visits my blog still
and for letting me know my videos weren't working


  1. thanks so much. and thanks for visiting AND for telling me to keep it going. i promise i'll upload some of my diana camera pics soon. i've been so bad at updating this thing. i go to other blogs that get updated everyday and i don't know how they do it. although, in some cases that's their only 'job'

  2. Diana photos...can't wait!

  3. have you seen the ones on my facebook page? i have a bunch from my trip to mexico

  4. Cool, on my way, thanks! BTW, UD shuts down today I hated when I am right...

  5. i heard yesterday morning. sorry to hear this! i'm sorry you had to go through this twice in a few months. are they going to try and transfer you?

  6. My 3rd actually with them but this time i am going to collect

  7. Lookin' good! Good to see you've gotten back into the groove of painting again!